Sunday, September 11, 2005

The Dancer, The Sack and The Chit Chat

Advance Posted by Picasa

This is an advance of a Capt I am doing just to practice seems that my fingers are stiffy so I am hoping to draw in my level during this week, in fact I liked this piece even though I found some errors. I will post the final piece over the week.

Yesterday was Awesome...A nice friend of mine wanted to have a talk and also wanted to show me some places in my town.
Well I need to say that I am a sack of potatoes in terms of dancing and my friend knows how to dance pretty well, Imagine the view An old Train Station from the Porfiriato (Porfirio Diaz was the president-dictator in our country and loved the Art Noveau French Architecture) transformed into a cultural club.
Alfredo was telling about his dancing classes an wanted to show me this place happens that every saturday is packed from 4 to 9, full in the majority by the elderly but I saw many families and couples dancing.
I was impressed to see so many people dancing Tango,Danzon,Cha Cha, some Mexican Rhytms suffice is to say that it was one of the loveliest times I have ever had watching people dance.
I even considered to attend some classes, well Alfredo started to dance with some old nice ladies, after that We went just downtown and had dinner having our classical topic: Girls! :).

Today a lazy day to practice drawing and hopefully I will finish this cover If not this is at least helping me to practice.

Take care all of you!!



The Old Lady said...

Hey learning to dance might be fun.

antonio said...

And after what I saw that day I am really taking a serious thought about it!!
In case I take some classes I will let you know for sure!1