Monday, September 05, 2005

Choose your battles.

Figth lazy workers!! 1931 Posted by Picasa

I went to the office of the person that would give me the Social Service and well no word yet about timings so I will hold decisions for tomorrow.
My Father gave me a nice idea about waiting so in case the idea of my Father is effective I will start talking about it.
So please my friends Nik,Pedro,Victor, Anna wait for some days more till I have the schedule authorized so I can start talking about our work.

See you tomorrow and keep praying for me!
For weird as it sounds now seems to be brighter!!



The Old Lady said...

Ive just read all your posts for the last few days since ive been away.I hope everything goes well and you can get the money situation sorted.Good luck asking the young lady out on wednesday.Also,i think your brave going back to school to finish your degree.It will be worth it eventually.
Hugs June

antonio said...

It will be well at least I am trying hard to gather things straight!! :D
Thanks for the words :)