Friday, September 16, 2005

Sometimes I need to remember how fragile Life is.

First Watercolor Posted by Picasa

I have a horrible headache by now, well today that was a free day in my country I received the visit of My Teacher the one who is helping to continue with the process of the last part of the studies well He was really concerned because in the school the person that is in charge of my paper work had a rejection letter to me because She says that I can not be able to finish my career according to that stupid and inept girl I still need two semesters to cover when In fact I have done everything and I am only missing the Social Service, Residence and the Course to get my degree, my only fault is to let all these years and not finishing before but I got so many things to pay attention first (Obviously I won`t comment the situations that didn`t make me finish my career before but I can only say that I had to pay attention to my Family first).
Well so after He said that I was just looking like crazy all my old papers and I just found what I knew that I had finished everything and missing only those 3 steps to get done with it.
So that means that I will be Monday morning defending myself I mean I won`t lose those years because as I was told today If there are no solutions I will only receive my papers from the last semester I was. I think it is not fair but this is again a situation where I can not do anything till Monday.

So please keep praying for me!

Well looking like crazy for that paperwork I found a watercolor I did when I was in Kinder Garden.

Take care!!


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