Tuesday, September 13, 2005

Futura walks above and beyond

False Maria Posted by Picasa

Wondy you are not weird in fact you have an incredible taste.The image below is part also from Metropolis, happens that Freder is waiting for Maria in one of the scenes in a very gothical Cathedral and goes to the altar to the Death that is around the 7 sins.
An incredible metaphor about the struggle of life and Death.

Ohhh My god today I was a little sick (some flu) and then in the school they told me that I have to wait another week to see my schedule.
As a person said over the office It is not when I need it is when they want it..So well let`s wait till Monday.

See you and have a great day!!



The Old Lady said...

Sorry you have wait until next week to hear.
Take care

antonio said...

Yeah!! but what can I say?
Just wait and wait the funny is that it is a very common thing in my country!!
Great day June!!