Tuesday, September 13, 2005

Blades around my Sins

Sins Posted by Picasa

Hey guys!
I am still trying to figure out what is going to happen over the following months, and I really hope that today I get some resolutions about my Service and I hope to have time and advance in some work I need to do with the teacher that is helping me.

My comic work is in hold till knowing what is going to happen with the schedule, I am a little irritated because there`s been about 2 weeks like that but I guess it is usual in my country to have everything so slow but as I normally think there is always a reason so I will just await and later take the final decisions.

As usual If you know my artwork promote the work that the great Nik Havert and I are doing everywhere.

btw My amigo`s site

In case you are a musician or you have a group just remember that Nik and I would love to work on the artwork for your music.

See you at later on!!



wondy woman said...

I love that image, Jesus. Call me weird.

How I wish I could fix you up with my cute friends!

antonio said...

OKEY! Weird!! (just kidding).
hahah thanks about the ladies stuff that would be great!!
Have a great day!!


Rainypete said...

That's a fantastic pic. It grabs you and won't let your brain go.

antonio said...

Hey Pete good to see you here!!
and youa re right Fritz Lang liked powerful images.

Great day to you!1