Saturday, September 17, 2005

Talking about Corpses and Blood

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Trying to distract myself and not trying to think about the situation that I need to face on Monday (keep sending all the good vibe you can), well I was invited by the nice friend I have that is going with me regularly to Las Luchas to go this time to the Movie.
She was really eager to scream and start pinching my arms as She said this movie would scare the S**t out of me, considering it was the same director of The Ring (I haven`t seen the Ring yet because I really want to see the Japanese original version first).
Well The plot is quite nice I am not saying is a jawdropper but it is a nice decent story sad that the director stupidly set some hints at the first minutes of who`s who so the problem is that the rest of the movie looks predictable, the funny part is that in the story I wrote some time ago called the Flame is using a similar ritual that was portraited on the movie, funny to see that my research was in a way good.
Well right here I have to say that the only one to blame that the movie is not working is only from the Director: What a horrible setting of angles of camera, He didn`t even use some resources to keep the people interested I mean with two fingers of forehead He could at least used sound effects to scare , I really felt bad also by the lame usage of some of the processes of Fiora Sigismondi (In my consideration one of the best art directors that exists, let me put in this way even the new video that She is directing with the White Stripes is scarier that the lame shots from the movie).
It is a decent movie to watch but only If you really WANT to spend some money to entertain yourself.

News! I guess I will be an uncle soon!!!

Have a good day and take care!!


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The Old Lady said...

Well congratulations on you going to be an uncle soon.
I've been thinking about going to see this movie.