Monday, September 12, 2005

Head and hands need a Mediator, and the Mediator is the Heart.

Metropolis 1927 Posted by Picasa

I found a restoration done by the W.Murnau Fundation and it is Amazing there were even some shots I never saw.
As usual to remind you to watch this incredible movie at least once in your life directed by Fritz Lang in 1927.
After watching this movie I finally watched another one called "The Shadow of the Vampire" where is told the way that Nosferatu was done by Murnau. I loved the movie!!!.
In fact I have now a lot of questions about the movie.

I will update this post later on but for now everything is said.

School:I went and I was told to come tomorrow to see the Schedule for the Social Service so that means another day to wait.
Love life:Nothing to say probably that I am taking Caramel eyes out of the equation, She said that She would call and never did it, so I have to understand She is or very busy or not interested.

See ya!!

June and all Have a great day!!

JESUS (worker 11811) ANTONIO


The Old Lady said...

One my favourite movies Metropolis.I have it on DVD.I think it is just so inspirational for its time.A good day to you also Jesus Antonio.

antonio said...

You are absolutely right The work of Fritz Lang is also the one that is ruling my art.

Great day to you!!


wondy woman said...

That is also one of my fave movies!!

antonio said...

Very good very good my Dear Wondy!!