Wednesday, September 07, 2005

Juera, Juera!!!

Nik check the name of the wrestler. Posted by Picasa

"I think your brave going back to school to finish your degree.It will be worth it eventually.Hugs June"

Before something happens Thanks Dear June for the words I am sure that this little sacrifice will give me more things I am in need, and by the way do not feel bad about the loss.
There is always a reason for the things If you couldn`t be there is for a reason.

Yesterday I went Las Luchas again with Mariana (a nice friend and thanks to you by the way in case you read it).
This time the show was more or less. The first Two battles were just lame, and the last Three specially the Prime fight was absolutely Great!!
I had a blast again I even bought a T-shirt (quite expensive but I like it).
By the way there is a Wrestler called Mistico (familiar isn`t it, Nik? I am writing to you in a couple of days as soon as I know the timings for My old School and the Social Service) well this wrestler didn`t fight because He suffered an accident fighting another wrestler over the weekend but the Substitute that was Atlantis was a nice choice much better from the last time I went.
Comic work today at night I will start drawing again!! Yay!!
I am starting my courses of English today!

Have a great time and see you later!


PS:About School nothing is said yet, but as my Father said just wait till facing the situation and then act do not act before. So keep patient with me (Nik,Pedro,Victor and Anna).

PS2:I tittled the post Juera because it was amazing to see many children shouting to one of the Wrestlers Juera,Juera! I mean what they wanted to say was Fuera,Fuera! that means Out,Out! but they couldn`t pronounce the F so that was really tender and corny to listen! :)


The Old Lady said...

The wrestling sounds fun.
Best of luck with everything else

AnnaRaven said...

Sorry about the gap in my posting to your blog, my internet connection is a kind of a mistery nowadays.


*huge huge huge hug* going back to college is a really challenging situation and a wise decission. You are incredibly brave! weldone, sweets.

And don´t worry. I will be patiente, you have to take care of yourself. That´s the most important bit, if you don´t pay attention to your "known yourself" side, everything is worthless.


wondy woman said...

I am back properly now Jesus! Have been reading your page though. Missed you :(

antonio said...

Dear June I am really having a blast going on to Las Luchas and also a nice way to distract myself.

Annita missing you tons and thanks for the words about me returning to the studies,I know I am doing right and btw I saw again the photo you loaded some time ago in the list, because it was in the Boletin and as usual you are a really Cute Maja!!!!

Wondy!! wondy!!! Wondy!! I hope to read from you now in a normal basis...

Kisses and hugs to everyone!!