Wednesday, September 28, 2005

My True Horrible Story.

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Last time I wrote I was telling you guys that I was told by the teacher that is helping me that I had some problems to finish my career due to the time I let spent.
Well I was like crazy looking for the paper work and my Kardex (kardex is a paper with all my grades from my studies to prove that I have done all of the reticula).
Well I arrived One Monday to talk to that teacher lady that supposedly had to pass in my paper work to the Commite that has to approve my situation).
Well she stupidly didn`t show the situation to the Commite because as She said I was missing two semesters to study (thing that obviously was wrong), so She told me that an answer rejection letter was for me in the Office.
In that letter said that I was not having the chance to finish my studies because of an internal clause.
I asked her If She could help and She said She couldn`t do anything in fact She even dare herself to tell me straightly to pick up my rejection letter aside my Kardex and to finish my studies somewhere else.
I just told her that I can not afford to finish my studies somewhere else and She just replied that It was not her concerning.
After that I went to talk to one person above that stupid girl and He was kind to listen to me and He reviewed my case and was quite frank. He said that by the regulations and policies I wouldn`t have the chance to finish the last part of my studies but considering I was done with all the Subjects and I was missing only the Social Service and Residence to start the course I am preparing so He would reconsider it).
I am still waiting for the final resolution so please keep praying for me.
Also I am chekcing my schedule for the Social Service tomorrow morning.
4 weeks and I am in the same point well only in my country happens....I keep Faith!!

About love life....Gosh expect so many Love for dummies soon!!
And hopefully more comic work over the weeks!!

See ya and keep in touch!!



AnnaRaven said...

I'll pray for you, my dear...
oh...lots of luck!
you do deserve to go on

*hugs and more hugs this time*

The Old Lady said...

I hope they sort it out.
im praying for you.
Hugs xx