Wednesday, September 14, 2005

The wall contains my inner joy and sorrow.

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I woke up very early to go to a private class where I go 3 times a week (I am working to a company) the only bad part is that I waste over 1 hour and 20 minutes over a bus, well returned from the class and slept for some hours.
Tomorrow I need to go to my old school to see how the process of my permits are going along.
Today I received some good comments on my Comission work, I never expected it!! (thanks in advance for the gesture Mike!!!!).
Tomorrow I am having all the envelops with the proposals to the post office so Nik and Pedro wish us luck eachother!.
September 16th is coming and There is our Independence Day I really want to go out downtown this day. I will keep you informed in case I go out.
I need to go The mailman arrived!!!!!!!!!!! and sometimes that means good news or just bills to pay!



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The Old Lady said...

a day of celebration then tommorrow.For your countrys independence.This is one thing i do love reading other people blogs its learning things i didnt know before.Like i learn today when your countrys independence day is.
Have a great day