Friday, April 14, 2006

Holy Shit Batman!!

Today was a really boring and weird day it was not bad at all but I was expecting something more. I woke up relatively early and received a phone message from the friend who is helping me to do the project with the Urban Planification and We found some conflicts in the Methodology, not really in the Methodology but more in what is the approach We have to take for the rest of the work because We are only having a month to be done with it.
So this might mean that We are going to be really tight in the schedule so our Advisor will tell us by Monday what is the right approach to follow. They (my team work) left really soon at two รณ clock and I was finishing the next page of Bodoque, I am at this point thinking in advancing some pages at least 2 with a joke or a gag just in case I do not have enough time to do one week ergo the next page, so this can be like air or space I can use so people still receive a new page of Bodoque and gives me time to be busy loading new work from the Urban project and things aside.
I slept for some hours, I am still having problems with Insomnia but I am sure is because of all the things I am doing. Well my teacher from the Workshop went home to give me more material and as usual happens that when someone else is using my computer something happens, this time it got frozen and got some problems to initiate it.
I already fixed it but I am thinking in sending it to the technician so in case I get without computer I will let you know for sure guys.
So I have a lot of material for the Workshop aside the Monography that I need to start by the last week of May.Bonita Anita sent me a mail so I guess June will be a good month and I will try to use her approach of not telling more plans so I do not spoil them.
I am also talking to a very nice friend of mine to work in an official website all in English so I can update it by myself probably by the end of the year or sooner I will have some news to tell on the matter. Thanks in advance If you are reading this. :) :)
Tomorrow is going to be free in a way because I won´t have classes from the Workshop due to the Easter Break, for a strange reason I forgot to load how it was my last Saturday on it but I guess I will write about that another Saturday.
Probably you are thinking why I am loading the images done by me with Batman. I do not know maybe I just wanted to show what I am able to do with the character, I am having some plans in developing a good submission and proposal using the character I won`t say more but everything will fit so good when I have time to do it, one friend is backing me up with this plan, so an eternal thank you to you too.:)
Also because I know many people read this space and I was thinking that maybe one kind reader or friend can link this post to a nice editor in DC so they can know that I exists and also to prepare the networking to send the proposal. So if you my friend help me with that I will appreciate it tons!!!
And on Tuesday I will ask this girl out so sounds like a busy week but good in the overall.
Tomorrow will be a long day so till tomorrow!!

Have a great day!!

Image one done in pencil color, the second in pencil and the last one mixed media, watercolor and color pencil.

ps: The gross and funny thing of the day, I received today a mail from a friend with this written.
Just eliminate the comas and see the image that is constructed with the characters.
Seems I have sick friends!! :) :)



AnnaRaven said...

I do love the Batman and Catwoman black and white piccie! :D
Happy Easter, my dear!

antonio said...

Thank you for the words Bonita and happy Eater para ti tambien!!! Doble time My Dear :) :)


Chris Yeoman said...

Wow! I LOVE your take on Batman! The catwoman piece is amazing and the colours in the Huntress piece are wonderful! Great work Antonio, you have talent!