Tuesday, April 25, 2006

Love for Dummies. I need to talk.

I just asked a nice friend of mine to take his computer and write very fast what the confrontation was I hope by tomorrow to send the the computer to the technician, something good before all this mess, my friend from the Social Service and I were praised by one of the directors because the Urban Planification is working steady and our ideas are working really good in fact they offered me again a job there, I am still thinking in accepting or not.

It was even worst. I went early to ask for some papers in one company I used to give classes and then I went to the Social Service, after that I came home to take a nap and I went to my last day of classes I arrived 4 and 32 minutes, checked my email from a computer in the school and then at 4 and 37 minutes I left to my room obviously expecting to bump into red head after talking to one of my colleagues I saw red head with one of her best friend, They saw me at the distance and TURNED TO ANOTHER DIRECTION AND DID NOT EVEN TALK TO ME.
I felt really bad.!
My friend the one that told on me before the situation happened told me that chat girl was eager to date me that was one of the reasons She freaked out when knowing what you know. And red head said my friend that She did not say a word or talk to me and that She saw my face and my reaction but She was about to talk to me after the class, My friend told her the whole situation again and that was not my fault for entire.
Did red head talk to me after the class?


I just decided to go to las Luchas and tried to forget at least for a minute this crap.
And well I am sad but I mean happens when it happens!!

Great day and see you in some days!!!


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The Old Lady said...

It sounds like the red haired girl is hurt and upset at you.Why don't you write everything down in a letter.Tell her everything that happened how you feel about her etc.Give her the letter in person,dont ask someone else to do it even if its difficult to find a time to do it.Ask her to take the letter away and read it and if she still no longer wants to talk to you after reading it you'll understand.Good luck.