Thursday, April 13, 2006

Suche impotenten Mann 2002

Change of plans I am still going to be busy with Paperwork but I won`t have time to load the reviews of the movies I have seen lately so I prefer to do it by now. I also need to send my next installment of Bodoque.
In case you want to see a chick flick that is really nice except for something I will comment later on. Firstable I thought I was watching an Spanish movie translated to English but then I realized that in fact I was watching a translation in English but from a German Movie done in 2002. The movie in English is "In search of an impotent Man"
I have to say that the script is splendid and even the story in the way that it was narrated works in the majority of the movie, I really liked it even the gags are funny, okey you have to understand that european sense of humor is sometimes kind of ackward specially for a country like the one I am but it was really effective indeed.The only thing that got into my nerves was the music or soundtrack of the movie it was so pretencious, I mean it was just a romantic flick and the music is so dramatic the whole movie...I mean the movie is to have a nice time not a melodramatic italian soundtrack.I guess this was a book from what I know but not really sure!
I like it in the overall!!


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