Monday, April 17, 2006

Rivers of Blood and Hungry Bats.

I hope to start sleeping well from today and on...well the day was again hectic, I woke up a bit late and then I went to my Social Service to continue working in the format to follow, I was told that tomorrow I need to be also there. I am not sure I will go because I have to go working. I also received the information I was in need from the booklet work and worshop my teacher sent me all the material yesterday so I have no more excuses to continue working on that and I am expecting this week to be done with at least a month in advance so I can have free space for the Urban Project.
Iwas giving my Private English class today and well We started talking about Art but from the Mathematical perspective and the debate was good, I was explaining my theory of negative- positive in terms of what the Evolution of art has been through the Timeline and the way the new styles work as a total opposition to the predominant art of that time.
For instance how Surrealism was developed as to fight against the Academia, where from having everything so real it became into
the abstract.
What is trendy becomes obsolete by the usage of forces against that condition for example in terms of music from punk became the glam!, from glam it was transformed into disco, disco became pop, from pop became heavy metal,from heavy metal came grunge, from grunge the opposite force was new Age and electronic, from new age alternative and Indy music.I know I can not generalize the terms and ways music works.
Let´s get back into Art... from abstract or surrealism became the hyper-realism and then how this movement fought against Pop Art.Or How Art Noveau surrended itself to the Bahaus or Progressive virtue of the Machina according to Lecorbusier. I really had a nice time talking about art. There is always even in terms of Architecture a condition heavy versus light, dark versus light, decorative vs first impression, color versus monocromatic.

In case I am absent for some days is just to catch up with my workload so in the meantime Enjoy the two pieces.

Have a great time and wish me luck because tomorrow I am asking a girl out!! :)


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Chris Yeoman said...

Interesting thoughts! :)
You draw a great Batman, very nice work.

Good luck with the lady too bro!