Thursday, April 06, 2006

Talks about Lemuria

Maybe you are wondering who painted this? Well a very good friend of mine JOSE RAMON GALLEGO so to catch up with him and also as a promise I made to him.
I have been talking about having a kind of interview to him so You can understand how difficult is to be an artist and to be commercial and you will be astonished by the life decision He has made over the past years in relation to his own work.
I really like his acryilic work in fact I can say I have some original pieces at home. So thanks for that Jose!!!.

This will work in the following way.
I will add the series of conversations We will start having in Spanish and hopefully and depending on my times I will try to translate them in English for my Brit, American and abroad friends over the weekends. So hopefully everyweek to have one conversation with him so you can know the great person He is.
Hope you enjoy!


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