Thursday, April 13, 2006

Fior di Male

Firstable let me say to the incredible June that I really wish nothing serious would come up! Kisses and more kisses to you, I know everything will be okey.
I also forgot to mention to Wondy several things: Congrats on the selling of the house, Big Wondy birthday, the new job and even the new stalker :).
Also a thank you Ricardo Vigueras for dropping by here and say hello I really appreciate it, You know the funny part is that I haven`t seen or had in my hands the Comic We did with all our love. Funny but hopefully I will get me a set from the kind friends We have in common.
Well I need to wake really early tomorrow to catch up with the same work I have been doing since yesterday to finish the Booklets.
I want to review some movies I had seen but I guess tomorrow I will do so!
If you have some time watch this classical movie Mr. Smith goes to Washington a real classic done by James Stewart and Frank Capra.

Have a great day and Ciao!!!


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The Old Lady said...

Thanks for your good wishes Jesus Antonio.