Tuesday, April 18, 2006

Love for Dummies. Lone Ranger and Tonto.

Before getting into topics:
June I am happy for you now continue with the pills!
Also my teacher came again and loaded his dispositive and as last time my little tiny computer couldn`t deal with the load of information and collapsed again, well just in case I get absent is because I do not have computer, just pray that this do not happen because I really need my computer for the Workshop and for my Urban Project, poor my teacher because I worried him, I accept it I am a plain worrier I always think in doble plans and backups plans, it is only my nature :). I am planning to send the computer for a checking in about 3 weeks or 4 when I am done with the Urban Project and I get some money. Well Murphy`s Law as usual.
I am not posting over 3 days just depends on how fast I finish the workload.

Okey let`s get into business. I took my bus at the usual time but according to Murphy`s Law everything you want you get in but in the opposite way, well I normally take the bus at 4 but the bus had a delay so I took it at 4:20 finally I arrived there at 4:50. I wanted to arrive early to see this girl (petite, red hair and really cute and in the overall a very nice person she has that kind of good vibe that is hard to explainI even asked a mutual friend and She only says good things of the petite red head). She was in one of the rooms chit chatting with another girl (girl that by the way has been asking me out but to be honest She is nice and cute but I guess the Universe never worked to have the coffee and for the way the things go it won`t happen soon in fact the girl that was with red head has asked me several times out), so you can imagine I saw the two girls talking and to be honest I thought that was not a good thing and timing to ask her in front of her and when I decided to take her out the room to ask her, more people came when I realized there were 5 people around and I am shy so I decided to ask her another day. I am talking that this happened by 4:59. Time to give my class came so it was around 6:30 that in the break to start the other class I was alone waiting and I was thinking that with my luck there wouldn`t be a second chance or I would start procrastinating everything and when that happens I normally put girls in a pedestal in terms of what I think they are and not what in reality are. I decided not to wait longer and When the group where red head finished the class I asked for the permission to my students and I asked this red head that I wanted to talk to her asap. She stepped aside the group of girls where She was and asked me what I wanted. So I asked her straight "What are you doing tomorrow or this week?", I hate myself I am very upfront when I need or want to do something.

Response: Tomorrow morning I have a date at 11:00, She l is not sure what the purpose of the date is for. So tomorrow I will have news to tell.

Keep me in your prayers I need all the good vibe as possible!!! :) :) :) :) :) :)



AnnaRaven said...

Good luck Jesus!
*keeps her fingers crossed*

The Old Lady said...

My fingers are crossed too.
Good luck to you.

wondy woman said...

Good luck sex pot - can't wait to read what happened.

Wondy x

Ps. Redheads do it better! *giggle*