Monday, April 03, 2006

Beautiful and Merciful Lady Drops.

The day was kind of weird.
Well let`s start with the great news!
The nice Diego has gotten the original of Captain Trueno and it seems I will collaborate with him in other future projects (isolated illustration work and some searching work) and besides that I will be interviewed by the group involved in the Captain`s project so expect the link with the interview soon!
From I have heard there are many artists and incredible ones I will keep the names for now till everything is confirmed.
Thanks to Diego!!!.
I will catch up with mails to Nik, Larry, Gallego and more people I owed a line or two, over the week.
About the booklets I am still behind the schedule, also I need to start the project of the place where I am doing my Social Service so I will be really stressed out but worth the effort.
Yesterday I listened an incredible group in the concerts given by Radio 3 : STERLIN.
Listen to the group the female singer is a spanish girl and She sings beautifully in English and the songs are a mix of Liverpool and RadioHead music.

See ya later when I have more to write!!
PS:Bonita Annita what are the chances to invade France with our work? Send me an email :)


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