Wednesday, April 05, 2006

Love for Dummies. The appetizer

Yes!!! Believe it or not... There is a new issue of Love for Dummies. Yay!!! And for odd that it seems is not about me but it is the appetizer of the stories I have now.
Yesterday one of my best friends called me to update and chit chat about the new stuff and girls of course!
What I am going to say was hilarious and I thank God I have never had an experience as odd as my friend had.
Well He met this girl some time ago, and my friend didn`t go forward to a relation to her because as He was telling me some time ago this cute girl had a different religion as the one He professes (I won`t mention the religion because is not the important thing on the topic). So since the beginning He was really hesitant to even ask her out.
As he told me for the last weeks it has been hell for him to meet girls and felt so lonely that day that he looked for his agenda and saw her number there and decided to call her.
Surprisingly She was in her house that day and my friend asked her out and She accepted.
They went to a coffee shop and had the best time of their lives (the exact words of my friend :) ).Well He started playing with her hands as to know in what situation He was, The girl accepted the hand play so He thought He was in the right track. He told me that the playing with hands became something more a little after they left the coffee shop because He went with her to one of the natural cliffs where the city can be seen. My friend is really romantic, anyway He told me his hands where a bit down and down and down.
I obviously asked him where exactly He was touching, well from what I understood He was playing in all the baseball bases :) (first, second and third). In that moment of the conversation I asked him If He made out with her, well his exact words where "I didn`t want to kiss her as a symbol of respect.."...
What the f***? an answer I had, I told him that It didn`t make sense to touch the body but not to kiss, well I have to say that this is the part where I started to LMAO!!!!
That was not the worst part, after they played eachother with their mutual parts, she kept quiet, my friend told me that in the moment that She did that He started to panic because He never had a reaction like that...well She held his hand and told him "Now, Can We close our eyes and keep silent for a moment to PRAY?!!!! (Yes, you read right to pray!!).
That was Saturday and Sunday They went out again and finally kissed her and She told my friend that She even asked her spiritual guide to consult If it was okey to be with a guy from another religion. From what my friend told me next Monday everything got frozen, He told me He called her to see how She was and She told him that She prefered to stop everything in that status and not to be what it was to be. And told him not to call or see her anymore!!
Now my friend is broken hearted!! Can you understand something?
Me, nothing, ziltch, nada!!

Have a great day!!!



The Old Lady said...

She sounds Weird if you ask me.

antonio said...

I agree totally!!
and now my friend is really blue!!

Have a good day Dear June!!