Thursday, April 06, 2006

Love for Dummies. Jinx!

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Well as you have noticed I haven`t talk about love life in a long long while and probably because I didn`t have like a big event to talk about or tell.
I have been lately in that little cave a little afraid to go out and just hiding myself from harm because it is more simple.
I had some stupid moments that later on I will tell but for another moment because something strange happened today and I want to share it and also because I want to know what are my chances. Well sometimes I go out with my friend (the one that now is devastaded and is heart-broken), and maybe will sound kind of dumb what my friend and I were talking but to have a girlfriend is an investment, please cuties do not take this in another way, I am not trying to sound chauvinist on the contrary I am just stating the simple fact, when you have a girlfriend you are eager to pay for her expenses or at least to be in equal terms, and I was telling my friend that I was a little short (okey I have some money saved but it is for my trips) I was telling him that I was short in money because I was not having the regular classes I used to give mainly because I needed some time to finally finish my studies so I did not see the point to try to date when I do not have the economical terms to date. (Does it sound coherent? ).
Well some dumb situations happend with long distance girl and another one who is like a child even from the fact that is in her mid twenties. Now I think I want to know someone else and not to care about the money is the story..
Well since some time ago I have seen how a girl is looking at me at times and in fact I say hello and We talk when We can.
Well today was kind of special, She is young (again!!) but this time I really do not have big plans but something odd but nice happened today. She is petite, red head (I am sure She dyies her hair but she really looks nice), her complexion is white but that kind of white that is a little pink, similar to Wondy`s look, light colored eyes, nice rack and thin with average hips. Today was wearing a blue shirt and jeans, so I said hello to her before getting into my classes, well I do not know why I started teasing her (I have seen that when I am starting to like a person I have the tendency to show affection being a bit rough with the patting or caressing, maybe is a defense mechanism not to show I start liking someone) I touched her head with my fingertips just to tease her and she was answering back thing that I liked in fact. While She was outside I was showing my tongue but smiling at her (why? I do not know maybe an impulse) and she answered back.
In one break I had she came to say goodbye and asked me what I will be doing during this vacation Easter break and I was telling her that I had no plans at all, She said She had the same plans. :)
The thing that really got me intrigued is that before asking me that her question was "So...What are you planning to do with your chick (girl)?"..I just told her really fast that I didn`t have a significant other at the moment. I know that girls do not ask that just for nothing, in fact I was in that moment about to ask her out but I just got frozen because I didn`t want to sound too bold.Then She hugged me goodbye and left the place.
My plan when I return from vacation is to ask her out...Is it a good movement?
So well the question is already there...ladies some help please!! :) :)


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The Old Lady said...

Jesus Antonio from what you just wrote that girl is interested.If you like her go and ask her out NOW.Don't wait she'll think your not interested.She sounds like she's hinted as much as she could.