Wednesday, April 05, 2006

Open "Mic" Day!!

Well back from where I was. This is a piece I am really happy to do and it is a kind of Comission to a great pal.
He has a wicked fascination for Wrestling and for Elvis so what a better way is to do this piece.
as you can recall I was trying hard on getting the resemblance of Elvis and also the position was not working at all and after consulting him I realized to change the elvis and put him in a more natural position.
I wanted to play with many elements on this one, because You can see that Elvis is kicking asses here so I wanted to play with the fact of what will it happen after the shot as you can see someone will crush a tablet on his face while the midget will start hitting his ass, so I guess in my Universe is a win-win situation.
I still need to work on something more I need to add like a message or maybe some effects to really have a solid piece.
I guess you can see I attack the inking chores a little different this time, for some time I have been seeing the kind of respect He (my friend) has for Latinoamerican and Italian way of inking so I was thinking in using some thicker lines and to keep the inking simple but powerful.The priority is to show Elvis, so He has to be distinguished from all the mess, that is why I decided to use the Elvis image from the Mithological concert given around 68, that it was in fact and acoustic concert, also the usage of the neckerchief looks like the right choice.
He decided the kind of Microphone and as you can see I attacked with thinner lines Elvis and a bit more detailed while the fighters are in more ticker and rounded lines.I still need to use white acrylic in some areas of the hair and for some effects!
I really imagine this piece colored!!
I hope One day He decides to color it by computer and show me the final result.
the piece is about a 80% of what it would be the final take!

Have a great day and Enjoy the piece!!



Aaron Sowd said...

Lookin' great Jesus! Thank you, thank you very much!

antonio said...

Que onda???
I am still waiting for the reply :)
I am thinking in adding more things but that will be a surprise when arrives the package to your place!!

un placer!!!