Monday, April 17, 2006

The Torch.

I am really crazy... right now it is 4 with 44 minutes in the morning and I just can not sleep, funny is that I am watching the movie My Life, yes the one where Michael Keaton is playing a sick guy with Cancer and there are some things I have been realizing, yeaph I know I am an overthinker and a thing I would try to stop doing but I just can not help.
Funny thing but since I started this blog I wanted to do something similar to what this character in the movie is doing the whole time, I am not saying I am going to die soon in fact I know I will live for a long long long long time but this blog is the way my future family can have a plain idea of what defines me as a person and also the way to find the answers that I have been getting this whole process of writing this. (About my long life..well...Why do I know that? Well that is another chapter for another story let me call it intuition for now).
This blog is one of the 4 ways to beat death and by saying that I am talking about the thin line to sublime my life. The second way so to speak is tru my art I know as you my regular reader knows I know I will hit big and this is my way to remind myself where I am from and what do I have to keep in mind.
And it might sound corny but I found the third way and I am sorry but for the first time it just crossed the idea of having a child, maybe is just seeing my brother having his own passing the torch momentum, or maybe as the nice and dear Chuck told me once that is the natural process of being us a simple fact that label us a animals in terms of reproduction.
These days will be kind of busy because I am putting many things in order in terms of the workload I have and for the first time I am understanding what is happiness. Nobody taught us to accept happiness , right? or to recognize the difference of what you want to what you really need. I guess I am in my baby steps but I am sure I am in the right track.
About the fourth way well I already have my masterplan but that will be said in some years when everything I am preparing by now happens.
I really love the idea of proclaiming what you want to be and I am doing it the whole time, I only need to polish the way I ask for the things but I am sure everything will work out damn fine.
By the way My Dad is starting his first day of work after 4 months of no work, so it is a very important day for him, for me, for us!!

Cheers and well thanks for reading my ranting!!!



The Old Lady said...

I hate it when i can't sleep at night.
Great news for your dad.Hope he enjoys his first day at his new job.

Chris Yeoman said...

That sucks mate, I too am quite the night owl and as for "over thinking", I do a lot of that myself! I hope your Dad gets on okay!

antonio said...

Yeaph thanks for the words both of you!!
and thank you for the wishes to my Dad He has some big news I really hope his plan becomes concrete because from what I heard are going to become really good news in probably some months!!

Have a great day!!