Wednesday, April 19, 2006

Burning Bridges

Well starting this week I will work a Cover as a proposal to a person I respect and I will use a logo and the image portraying this person.
So in some days I will load the previous work and then I will set the steps from pencils to acrylics so you can see the final piece in the following month.
As I posted last time this Cover will have the letter W as part of the logo, not really complex at all where I will devote more time is on the acrylic work.
This day was really cool!!!

I finally watched V for Vendetta and well there are two things,firstable to be honest I did like the movie a lot!!!!!!, and secondlyI really liked the way the writing was moved but I agree in a point: When you compare the Comic to the movie they have nothing in common I mean they missed many subtle ideas and really scary ideas and concepts and sometimes is really redundant specially of the loving drama of V and the girl.
I was hoping more things taken from the Comic but in the overall is a great movie to watch my tip is that if You really liked the movie go and buy the TPB of V and you will see the difference.
A beautiful movie and the acting is really decent and fair.
Go and Watch it!

See you in some days!!


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