Monday, April 10, 2006

Simple life.

I am not in a good mood today I have been hell busy in the project of my Social Service and I have a lot of work behind schedule and this time not because of me, but for people around. Tomorrow is an important day because I will use the whole day to be working with a friend and the Architect who eventually be our advisor for this project and We are visiting the place to make the adjustments in the thesis and theories to apply in the Urban Planification. I was happy because another friend involved in the project showed me the AutoCad plans that are going to be in used so I will need to figure out the style and presentation of the plans and also update myself with AutoCad and learn more on how to use it.
At night I will go to Las Luchas, my teacher and friend is commenting that He will be on Wednesday in my house to give me more workload so I will be busy Wednesday and Thursday. Friday again busy working in the project so as you know I am really stressed and only counting the days to get through everything soon.
About comic work I have been thinking about an idea besides Ambar and Dream, now I am still trying to figure it out while I am in the buses just thinking and thinking the plot of another character and story I am developing I already have her looks and the way She talks but I want to be a little far aside from what I have been writing lately, so the next project will be called WITCH, what I mean by something different is to in the way I want to write the scenes of the story , well also many people around has been commenting lately about the responsibility and the style and the talent in terms of Art, so I am reading in my free times what is their opinions and hopefully when I have some time I will load my comments related to those issues.

Have a great day!!


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