Saturday, April 01, 2006

Saturday 18 missing 17.

This day was really boring I just listened to my regular class and then We had a kind of debate about the situation of ethnic Architecture and the values used in our country and the way to have success doing Architecture, was funny the time, I scared one of the girls by a comment I made about making easy money... I do not regret so poor her If she didn`t understand that it was a joke the little comment of mine.
Well it was really nice the time, I was also talking to my teacher about the way I want to handle the working on the Monography (Did I mention that the Monograhpy is the permit to get my degree, besides the help I am doing to the booklets?), He told me that it needs a minimum of 6 checkings and 2 external ones so I really hope by June to have the Monography done!
I am waiting for a friend to go and watch V for Vendetta....I hope I like to movie!! :)


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