Wednesday, April 19, 2006

Love for Dummies. Zipi y Zape.

Thanks Bonita Annita and Pinky June!!
Well let`s recapitulate now I am whisteling and singing along the music that is on the TV and believe me even some music I do not like what is wrong with me? :)

Well at 11 รณ clock She was in the place We agreed to be, I praised her on her arriving early as a good quality to keep.
I was not nervous well not at the beggining...(I am listening Yellow from Coldplay now and the in Live version).
Yesterday I even washed my clothing to wear but fatality came and today in the morning just 20 minutes before the date I saw the clothing in the house of the Dog of my Brother and yes the clothing was bitten and full in pee. :).
I didn`t have another option so I dressed in black and with the heat here you can understand the situation :). We talked about plans till the question came.

"Why did you want to talk to me?"

After a long explanation I decided to do what Aidee one of my best friend reccomended me that was to be open and frank and not to hide my fears and ways I have been in past relations but without getting into specifics, She was so gentle to listen to my whole explanation and I just told her that I like her way of being and I really like her and that I didn`t want her to make her uncomfortable or to have her in an bizarre situation.
She opened up herself and told me that She passed over 4 years in a bad relation so She wanted me to be sure that she was not really looking for a relation and she is in her own process of healing and forgeting the other guy.

This are the highlights of the date.
1.-She wants to know me more to make up her mind, so do I, and that She is open to start dating or going out. She even asked me a funny question after I told her I liked her she asked me " so what is what?" and I simply answer that I will treat her as loyal as I can be and in the reciprocal way She treats me and that I really want to do things right and not hurting her but not to be hurt.
2.-We are going to start knowing eachother but right here is the important thing I just told her just to prevent a situation like You know who (You know who? check in the past first archives to fresh up your mind dear reader), so she knows that I will treat her as a significant one and not as a friend not at least till she decides on what to do, she agreed and I just told her that I wanted her also to be open and give me some cues (words and acts) just in case I am in good track or not, and She agreed also telling me that She would like to know me more and if something happens great if not the same.
3.-Another relief is that She does not care about the age at least from her side. so next Tuesday I will ask her out to start knowing eachother.
4.-She told me She told a friend of hers that she liked me (right here I need to translate a bit, she said "Que le caia bien" or "agradar" that means a bit different in English similar to like but not love that is great because is the same place where I am seeing her for now, I like her but as I told her She and I have to gain eachother the right to be loved or not. Also another relief is that She said She had a friend who is asking her to be boyfriend and girlfriend but because She doesn`t see this guy in another way than as a mere friend She doesn`t want to even make him feel there is Hope, she also stated She doesn`t want me to feel Hope when there is no trace so what I asked her is that She has to tell me exactly where I am stepping to know exactly and to avoid misunderstandings in the future, so it is good that She wants to try to know me more knowing what I like or want.

So what...... Do I deserve my silver star in my forehead???

Have a great day!!



The Old Lady said...

Oh thats great i hope it all goes well.I think a gold star instead of a silver one.

wondy woman said...

How wonderful that sounds hopeful - she sounds sweet - go Jesus!! Go go go!

Wondy x x

antonio said...

hahaha I got my dunce hat!!!!