Wednesday, April 12, 2006

Bloody Life and Bloody Paper.

Yesterday I went to Las Luchas and well I had a great time!!
I saw again Dr. Wagner and Silver vs Perrito Aguayo and Mr. Aguila (Los Perros del Mal). I even took some photos but because I used a regular camera I will send the roll to reveal soon. I saw El hijo del Solitario and to be honest I did`t like his fight at all but when Mephisto and Averno came to the fight everything started to spice up a bit. :)
Today my teacher came to send me more information to work supposedly I was starting today but to be honest I just want to use the day to sleep or to draw because I have been really tired.
So tomorrow morning and part of the night will be to cath up with paper work.
I now have my idea to use for Bodoque, I have two options to editorialize something about some spots for the running to the Presidency or to continue with two more pages of the Saga Sr. Blue and El indibujable. Mom is a little sick again so She went to the doctor. Brother has money problems and specially with his baby on the way.
I am also starting my regular food regimen because I need to lose some kilos to start training. Happens that by June or July when my timings are coming back to normality I will train with a guy who is a boxer, I do not want to fight but I guess it might be good to learn some jabs but mainly to have a better condition and to be in shape, so I want to lose the extra weight so I do not develop mass I just want to fit and tight zones.
Today I wanted to load and image I did some time ago but as you can see it is more relaxed and fun!!!!
Pop, Zaz, Kick!
Tararararara....Batman!!! :)

Great Day!!


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