Saturday, April 15, 2006

The day I faked your death in my heart.

Day to rest is what today was for me...I still have that stupid insomnia and that stupid headache so my plan is to sleep today really early so I can start working full Sunday on the booklet.
It was kind of funny because yesterday after sending the page of Bodoque I saw another twist in terms of the political spots for the Campaign of someone and I decided to draw a second page to stablish what I saw.
Funny to see how creativity works and the muse attacks you.
Also Today is Ben Hur`s day at home it happens that specially on these days the movie is aired in many places specially in the public networks so my Dad likes this movie a lot and We are going to watch it again :).
In case you want to tell me that Ben Hur is the original version well you are absolutely wrong there is a movie done by Ramon Novarro in 1925 and Yes, you guessed it... is a silent movie!!.
And a beautiful movie, I can not remember for sure if Ramon Novarro was a spanish actor because He made many movies in my country too...If you ask me obviously the one done with Charlton Heston is the Best Ever.
I also had one of the weirdiest dream ever I saw myself in the classes I left on Saturdays to finish my studies trying to buy a birthday cake but I saw myself kissing a very good friend of mine (girl). I still do not know why I dreamed that...:) . I need some vacation!! :) . Well nothing else to say ... see you later!!

Have a great day and enjoy the last days of this Vacation!!



Ricardo Vigueras said...

Hi, Jesus Antonio.
Ramon Novarro was a mexican actor. He was born in Durango in 1899. Great movie, the silent Ben-Hur.

By the way... I can´t believe that you don´t own a copy of Marzo. I may send you a copy, but not before April 24th, because I have a couple of Marzos inside my office in the university where I´m professor in Juarez, and now, as you know, we are on vacation time.

Let me know.
Un saludote.

AnnaRaven said...

Aw, the poster for the Silent version of Ben Hur is just so much Mucha-like. Awesome! :)

The Old Lady said...

Hope you and your family had a great Easter.

antonio said...

Ricardo gracias de antemano yo voy a ser feliz cuando tenga en mis manos la copia y se agradece mucho el gesto!!! Y claro no te apures del tiempo.
Un abrazo!
You are right probably in between Mucha and the first movements german graphica started!!!
Thanks June!!!