Thursday, April 20, 2006

Love for Dummies. F**k *ff.

This time I am loading and image of myself!
Another twist into the movie, a favor I really need an advise for this. I will write at the end my conclusions but I want to know more perspectives.
Let me explain something so everybody has the picture and I learn from this.

About a two monts ago a friend of mine which I really respect and care for her, told me that one girl was interested in knowing me (I do not remember that I posted this, I thought that it was so irrelevant that to be honest was not worth the mention). I was really interested to meet her and truth to be told I had an idea of who this girl was but I was not sure not even in a 70 %, well my friend asked her for her phone so I could call her and try to invite her for a coffee or so at this point I have to add that my intention was not to ask her out to start a relation only to know her and according to that just know her. Well I called her once to her place and I guess She was busy a lot because and also I have to say She is a very nice girl, because She had my cell She called me once but I was busy and I just asked her to drink a coffee or something (again I have to say that this happened 2 months ago . The thing that made me reconsidered my asking out to her is that I knew she was kind of depressive and weird... let me set the facts, one day She sent a message by cellphone and We started talking for about hour and a half only by messages, thing that I didn`t like to be honest because firstable I am not a kind of guy who sends messages to everybody at everytime and believe me is not normal to hear from her phrases like " I am thinking that because I am busy and I can not see you I rather know you by this via", Do you agree to start chating this via" (I have to be honest one thing is to chat using messanger or an internet device but You do not do that by cell at least I am not that type) She sent me over 25 messages or more that night. "tell me how you are" "Why don`t you say something about you","I am sure you are really tender"
It really scared the shit out of me!
She has even called me home twice and once this week but as soon as I answer nobody responds (How do I know that because the phone of my house has a tracer code that gives you the number and sets on its memory, and last time She made someone I guess her sister to call) Why did She call? Simply because I decided not to answer to her cell phone messages I mean I did not want to be rude and tell her that I was really shocked by her obssesive way, She sent me 3 more messages that I didn`t reply and the last one was yesterday. Well that is the story of part two.

Now this is the time you have to mock of me and laugh hard...and harder why?

Last Tuesday while I was telling my friend about my idea of asking red head out, She told me that red head was a friend of chat girl and A VERY CLOSE ONE, I didn`t really get scared because I didn`t do anything bad from my perspective. I understand the process of girls and I know that maybe that is a big issue. I mean to be honest I haven`t even talked face to face to this chat girl for more than a minute, and not even gone to the coffee because She was busy and making excuses, I never told her I want to see her as a relation because I was not interested...nuff said.
Today They (red head and chat girl) saw eachother and You can imagine the mess that happened both girls went with my friend to ask her If she knew me and what I have said about both of them, from their perspective they think I was asking every girl I had the chance to try to date and obtain something else and just play, but I am not a prick or a jerk but now I guess in the eyes of red head and that is my concern (I am just another lame guys using a bunch of crap and lies to convince her).
The fact is that I really like red head. Chat girl was furious at me and red head was dissapointed big time from what my friend told me. They made her promise She wouldn`t say a word but I mean We are friends and told on me to be prepared, poor my friend , was scared that both girls made a scene in front of me or confront me.
I am really sad because yesterday as you know I was talking my heart out and being sincere with red head. So I guess everything went to CrapollaLand!. My friend told me She will try to call red head and explain the situation because as We agree I am not a bad person although the situation doesn`t look like that, probably I am a dunce or an ass .
I am really sad, funny how life gets ironic laughs at you sometimes!
I am expecting a confrontation from both girls or the other option is that red head ignores me and sends me straight to hell and far beyond.When I was listening what my friend told me I was feeling like crying....holy shit!!

Damn Damn Damn!!

Update one...I have not slept yet I was doing some exercises byJodorowsky to find my inner truth. I was doing the same thing Lovely Lisa does as her especial gift (You Wondy and June know what I reffer to). I was not surprised from the lessons I had received.
1.-Learn to listen.
2.-Not all the truth comes from your point of view.
3.-I never expected to be the instrument of a lesson in 3 ways and a beholder of change.


Good day!



The Old Lady said...

Oh this is a difficult one.Women do tend to use text messaging a lot i know i do.So she maybe got the wrong impression from your messages.I know it is easy to do when you just read can interpert them in different ways.i think all you can do is wait for them to confront you.I can see from their point of you it does look like your maybe playing around a little.All i can advise is play it cool dont get angry when they confront you.Just let them say what they want even if it is not entirely true.Then when they are finished calmly tell them the truth and just hope red haired girl believes you.Good Luck to you.

wondy woman said...

The truth will out Jesus, I'm sure of that. What an frustrating situation for you, my love! If I were there I'd come bash some sense in to Redhead for you, ginger to ginger!

I am confident your good friend will sort it. Have faith.

Love always, Wondy x x x

antonio said...

Thank you to you both... I am still sad I understood in the overall and it was a fast fast lesson. I am really sad because as I was telling a friend of mine I normally find something wrong when I meet a person and this time I thought it was everythings so great and smooth....well...
Thanks for praying for me June and thanks Wondy for having me in your thoughts.


AnnaRaven said...

Oh dear!
Lots of your for you, dearie.