Thursday, March 24, 2005

Ya llegue de donde andaba or I am back!!

jaguar Posted by Hello

Well I took the bus yesterday at 7:45 and arrive to my place at 5:13!
Need to clean my room.
I have many mails to check so I will keep during the day some of the places and stuff I did, just be patient a little with me if I am a little late in responses.
I went on Tuesday to some museums the first I saw was Museo de Historia Mexicana and there was a great exposition about the Jaguar in our culture..great, great exposition!!.
I even understood the diference between Tonalismo and Shamanismo seems that Tonalismo bases all the belief in that We have a natural animal that guard us for all of our life and the interaction of that animal and ourselves, and shamanismo is just the transformation at times of our spirit into the animal that is our guiedance or nahuatl.
Pretty interesting!!!
have a great day and wish me luck!!..:)
ps:Today I have the coffe (depends on her if she want to go today or tomorrow :) )....JESUS ANTONIO

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