Friday, March 11, 2005

Some thoughts.

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I will translate a part of what the nice Doya wrote in a comment so English speakers try to understand why March iith is so important for the spanish people and to me.

Sólo quiero dejar aquí algunas frases que se pudieron oir ayer en los programas especiales de todas las cadenas de televisión española, frases, salidas del corazón de aquellos que sufrieron la tragedia en primera persona:
"Todos viajábamos en ese tren"
"Contra el olvido"
"Ahora he dejado de considerarme una víctima y he empezado a considerarme una superviviente. Yo al menos sobreviví"Dicho desde una silla de ruedas.

Translation: I just want to send some of the phrases that were listened yesterday in all the special programming in mostly all the spanish media, phrases, taken from the bottom of their hearts from the people who suffered tragedy in first person:

"We were all in that train.."
"Against forgetting"
"Now I have stopped to feel myself as a victim and I have started to consider myself as a survivour, At least I survived"
Said from a weelchair.

sad indeed!!...JESUS ANTONIO

Good day and don`t forget!


Sask 1 said...

I love Charlie Chaplin and silent movies

antonio said...

Dear June the post you wrote yesterday on your blog made my think so many things so thank you in advance!! :)
hey If you have time watched
CANDILEJAS (I do not remember If it is the name in Spanish or English)
The serials done by Essay
from Charles Chaplin.
as you might start knowing I am a lover of silent movies!!!

Have a great day dear June!!..JESUS ANTONIO