Friday, March 04, 2005

The Haunted House 1921

Buster? Posted by Hello

Did you know that in his early days Buster acted with his family as the 3 keatons ?(Joe,Myra,and Buster in their vaudeville times)
This is a photo when He was a kid.
Recommendation for today!!
The Haunted House [1921]

written and directed by Edward F. Cline and Buster Keaton technical direction by Fred Gabourie; cinematography by Elgin Lessley; produced by Joseph M. Schenck cast: Edward F.

Cline as the customer in the bank, Virginia Fox as the bank president's daughter, Buster Keaton as the bank clerk and Joe Roberts as the bank cashier two reels; produced by Comique Film Corporation, distributed by Metro Pictures; released February 10 1921

Buster is a bank clerk. Overturned glue gets everything, mostly the money, stuck to everything else. When robbers show up he can't "stick 'em up" because his hands are stuck in his pockets. The robbers' hideout is a haunted house designed to scare off police.

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(btw I hope to have some money saved in two months to have my membership with them..but I need extra work !!) ;)...JESUS ANTONIO


sleepybomb said...

very good call. . . made me pull out my keaton dvds.
here is a great site for buster stuff . . .
my feature fave is 'steamboat bill jr', or 'the general', or 'the navigator' . . . best short, 'the electric house', in which he uses the same house but expands the premise.
thanks for the heads up!

Ubod_ng_Lumpia said...

that is one creepy looking guy :) interesting looking... good day --kino--

antonio said...

thank you for the link M.A!!

Hhahaha the funny thing is that I do not have any DVD from Buster, In case you can burned (copy) some dvd from Buster K, I would be happy to compensate it by drawing you a Buster Keaton in a cartoonish style in watercolor....What do you think?
BTW You gave me very good options one of my favorites is also "Seven chances" aside the ones you have mentioned...I haven`t seen electric House I will try to look for it!!..JESUS ANTONIO
PS:Thanks for writing..:)

antonio said...

Hey kino that is the funny stuff about Buster he was always that stiff guy that uses his body to make you wow in every sequence he made!!..Do I have to mention many people love his directing more than his acting!? he was a genius....hahah you are right creepy look for Buster...JESUS ANTONIO