Saturday, March 26, 2005

A Dream of Fools!!

Sketch Posted by Hello
I updated this same post because I was not honestly happy with the previous sketch I loaded aside the message (the railroad girl), So I did this sketch in about 20 minutes to prove my point.
In case you ask me why I drew this well I guess sometimes many people have misconceptions about work some of them do not really thing that Art has to do something with comics, this is a proof that is fact Comic book is just another step into the Artistic Area, many of the Professionals I know working in comics minimum have a degree in Art,Architecture,Design (not all of them I have to agree) but the ones that do not have any studies on Art they have an incredible gift and talent to understand what others took them years to adquire, is just a talent they have.
This is a very quick sketch done in few minutes (literally), just to make the guys wanting to be comic artists to really thing about the great benefit of Studying.
I am not saying they have to pay for a career to get more opportunities, no!! on the contrary,LOOK FOR YOUR INFORMATION,ENLIGHT YOURSELF!,
"I am a firm believer that Knowledge finds you while you are looking for it". Adquire the things you like, search for the knowledge and diversify your taste!! The more you know about the world the better understanding you can have about it. Well I am stopping the preaching for today!!
Have a great day!!...JESUS ANTONIO

PS:listen to Kasabian, Chevelle, Interpol.

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