Sunday, March 27, 2005

The Blurred Image of Faith

Sunday is almost ending...!
I am working in a transition page(hard to explain now how the transition page works but in a future comment I will stablish how Nik and I will use transition pages) for Luchador!, seems the paper is not working quite well but I manage myself to use it as best as I can.
Almost 4:00 and no call from Lupita (Well, no more to say on the topic).
I am letting grow my beared, hahaha!!
I am writing the last poem of the Gothic Story I have, as soon as I finish it I will write the final script for "The Flame".
About Third Death (the other story I am writing), is not complete yet, seems I had the perfect ending (Of course the ending will be the same)but suddenly I thouhgt of a great spin off, so I need to rework some scenes.
I am writing today at night and tomorrow morning the two page western story.
Tomorrow no work, so I have free time to continue drawing..!!
Have a great day!!


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