Friday, March 18, 2005

Comic book for dummies and other stuff

I have had and read some conversations all day long about getting the break or not getting the break,being published or not.
I will say some stuff people never like to say because is always kind of hard but it is going to give a perspective on what you want to do.

1.-Many pros are having a hard time to get themselves an steady job, so try to evaluate the odds for you to get a position that many people want (me included).
2.-The competence is really really hard so with what are you going to really compete.
3.-If you have nothing to say in the medium the chances to be are almost zero.
4.-Do not even try to get into the business If you are not ready to sacrifice (time,friends,relationships,money stability).
5.-The majority of the positions in the two top ones are freelancing (that means you are paid for what you do, and sometimes the next work would take days,weeks, months or years to get are you ready to support a family in those circunstances?)
6.-Even If you are good, you have to be tremendolously smart to have other resources or to divert the work you do so you can have more options to succed.
7.-Even If you incredible and you get in the spot, there might be one day when They say your work is old or old fashion, so in minutes you can become part of the past, so be wise in every work you accept.
8.-Do not concentrate in one skill, the more skills you have the better options might arise. (I draw,paint,design, write and sometimes ink my work) (I am learning how to ink).
9.-If people do not like your work, fine deal with it!! Do not please anyone please yourself.
10.-Set an expectation time, or expiration date for your succes. If there is certain time and you see no results look for something else!
11.-Work in something alternate non comic related to have at least one sure income till everything comes your way!
12.-Do not expect that because you are talented you will have a job, sometimes the decisions made outside or inside the company are really beyond and far from you.
13.-Do not take it personal!!
14.-Work and work and be patient!!
15.-Stablish a plan B or C in case you see no results in your plans!!
16.-Is not a dream is always a goal!!
17.-In case you have a chance or break do not lose it, respect your times and their times!! (when is possible)
18.-Always work with a contract in hand.
19.-Be willing to improve your work everytime Don`t stay eternally doing everything in the same way, mature your working!!
20.-If you decide to work for free to get exposure, just remember there is nobody to blame if the things you expect are not in the way that they come!!
21.-The only one to blame is yourself, take the responsibilities for every desicion you make!

In my case I have to be honest I have no plan B or C, so I will die in the line, I see myself doing comics,illustrating or designing, so I need to work and be patient!!

Have a great time!! :)
JESUS (Working hard to get my break) ANTONIO


Ubod_ng_Lumpia said...

i think your time will come very very soon :)... as for me.. i still have a long way to go.. just to be good... jesus can i ask if you use acrylics? i purchased a starter set a while back cause i wanted to do a little painting.. maybe you can give me some advice.. :)

what you said in your post are very important... it can separate those who want to be popular and those who have the passion to do comics :) very very nice :) --kino--

antonio said...

thanks for your kind words Kino :) :) :)
I don`t know how to use acrylics but I can ask a person, it might take me a lot of time to have answers because this friend is a little careless but as soon as I have responses I post them!! :)
About breaking in, i have made already amends to myself I know I don`t want to be a hot penciler I want to be a full round creator with something to say!! :) JESUS ANTONIO

Ubod_ng_Lumpia said...

then i believe you will make it big... the desire to say something in comics can be a very powerful force to get you there :) good luck to you :)

antonio said...

thanks Kino I am sure I will Have success I only need to be patient patient patient...:)...JESUS ANTONIO
Kino keep working !!!