Monday, March 28, 2005

One inside Cover of our project!!

Luchador!©2003 Nik Havert and Jesús Antonio Hernandez RodriguezPosted by Hello

Well I send a load of scans to Nik with more work of Luchador!
This is one of the transition pages of Luchador!
I paid two months of Gym (long time ago I used to practice it, so well I want to be fit as I was in the past).
I also made an appointment with my dentist, I need an expensive treatment, so Well I will see If there are some people interested in a comission to have extra money.
I have this week to finish the proposal to Spain (I have some info I was expecting for)
Tomorrow I will have a date with Lupita (do I have to say to wish me luck!!:) ).
I am now just coloring the pages of Luchador!
I already finished to write the western to paged story!
I need to send some mails this week..
I have more comments but I will save them for tomorrow!!
Wish me luck!!
ps:Now can you understand why I say that I am having a blast drawing Luchador!

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