Monday, March 28, 2005

Numerology of Poverty

This is a post I wanted to write down several days ago and till now I can, sometimes people abroad do not really understand Why my country being one of the most incredible ones also has some negative aspects.
I love my country so much and Well sometimes really is a little surreal down here!
Let me give you some numbers and things to think over.

55 percent of the people living in my country live in Poverty.
From that 55 percent, 36 percent live in Extreme Poverty.
We import almost 86 percent of natural gas, why? simple We do not have the industry to exploit it.
We have lost 3 million of jobs in just 4 years.
The only two sources of enrichment in our country is Oil and Dollars coming from Mexicans leaving abroad sending money to their families.
We have great problems with Stability.
There is not a real goverment, the goverment We have now is only Ignoring us.They promise to give solutions and We haven`t seen real ones for instance Yesterday was the girl number 12 IN THIS YEAR that was murder in Ciudad Juarez.
Nothing changed at all.

do you want to know more about the situation in Ciudad Juarez!

Have a great day!!!..JESUS ANTONIO


Sask 1 said...

I did know that many people in Mexico live in poverty.It is such a shame that the people live in such a beautiful country with wonderful history and culture.Yet the people are unable to have their basic needs met.Crime is also more prevelent when there is poverty.
I read your link about those women.It is terrible so many have died and not been identified.So,the families will never know what has happened to them.
Unfortunately as the little people we are not in the position to make the changes that we are know are neccesary for our country to become a better place.We must rely on governments to do it for us.So i would think ultimately we must try to make things better for our family and loved ones.
That was a most interesting post and i hope many people get to read it.

antonio said...

Thanks for checking the link June, let me tell you about something that happened here in the place where I live, there ia group called MALA LECHE (girls artists and that developed an art exhibition showing pieces about ciudad Juarez). They were supposed to be in exhibition for about two months or more, suddenly the Exposition closed (some people say that was an order from a top person in the goverment where I live) that is not the sad part the part is that the day that the Exposition was closed, the art was moved and deposited in dumps and garbage trucks so (Normally when the expositions are done specialist come to protect the artwork to be in return) in this case people working in the county hygiene place (I mean people who does the cleaning of the city) moved the artwork and destroy about 80% of all the pieces, so now there is a big problem because the goverment destroyed about 100000 dollars in art, just because of the is scary sometimes to live where I live!!! Because you are free to speak but If you bother someone there are many probabilities you face the consequences..About poverty,well I mean I work in 3 places at the same time for the neccesity till I hit big with my art.
Have a great day and thanks for taking your time in reading the page!!..JESUS ANTONIO

Ubod_ng_Lumpia said...

they destroyed that much art? that is so wrong... what was the toic of the exhibition?

i agree with wath june said.. sometimes. .its very hard for us normal people to make big changes about our country.. but we can always try and take care of our family and the people close to us... --kino--

antonio said...

yes, They destroy almost a 80% of the artwork (paintings,sculphture etc).
I understand that is difficulto make changes so I agree totally to you both, small changes to have them big..:)..JESUS ANTONIO