Thursday, March 31, 2005

They always love us When We go away...

Robot Posted by Hello
10:33 pm
Well the nice Stacie (the great inker and colorist that is preparing the Anthology loved the sketch!! thing that made me happy) :)
also I received a nice mail from the pro writer ( a very kind and great fella, He also liked the sketch).
I will work on the pages next week.
Now I need to continue drawing more pages of Luchador! and the proposal to Spain.
I hope to finish the proposal early Sunday!
yes, I took the bus with Lupita and She was practicing her English with me...I continue pretty confused..I just try not to give a s**t about the situation for now!
I am a little behind from the western story I hope to have something done by the first time of Monday.

3:00 pm
I will update at night the post!
I am about to leave to my job.
Well this is the sketch of something I am developing for the based on the work of Soroyama (the guy who designed covers of Aerosmith, the little dog robot used as a pet..well many things Soroyama has done).
I used Soroyama as the request of the writer...
Have a great time and see you in some hours!!..JESUS ANTONIO


Sask 1 said...

Good luck with all your work.

antonio said...

Thanks Dear June,I am and I have been expecting big things all my life and I am sure I will get them soon, just continue having me in your prayers, :)..JESUS ANTONIO