Tuesday, March 29, 2005

Love for dummies 6th delivery.

Love for Dummies: You thought you knew but You have no idea!

Recapitulation for the new reader.There is our main character Jesùs after dating the little Lupita for 6 months and 1 week knowing She can not make her mind about accepting him, start dating other guys ,return to her old love or being alone.
Twist one. Our Hero offered not to ask Lupita out for a while till she can have time for herself and decide about her life not about her love life, according to a previous issue He prefers to see her happy doing what She wants and just stand by her side to help.
Twist 2.Lupita has said our hero that She is in the same position and that nothing has really changed
Twist 3.Our hero is learning that He just knows nothing at all.During his vacation He thought that there is not a relevant point to ask for direct closures, in fact He was thinking in understanding that his timings are not the timings of her and wait.

Page one of one
5 Panels

6:17 In a corner near Lupita`s work.
The first panel shows our hero being extremely nervous,short hair, dressing in blue (as usual) and having his beared grow, and after waiting for about 15 minutes he looks at the distance She is wearing a white blouse and blue jeans.

Second panel is the same panel shot but having our hero and She heading to drink a coffee to finally talk.After checking several places they enter to one that is quiet and nice.

Third panel has Our hero and her sitting on a bench, talking about their vacation break, Our hero tells her He had a blast over Monterrey, while She tells him about her trip to San Juan del Rio and the way she got sick after eating something that was not good.

Fourth panel. Our hero and She are in the coffee shop, while He is drinking a sour colombian cup of coffee , She is just drinking a hot cappucino with candy milk on it.
He tries to explain to her that he is not looking to solve anything but to support her and be with her in good and bad.
Telling her that He doesn`t want to bother her, she continues telling him that She needs her distance and space.
A trova duet starts playing some music while our hero is giving her some candies He bought for her in Monterrey and also some little bracelets, and starts laughing(both of them) at the duet because nobody clapped at them when They finish the music.

Fifth panel.
They are heading to the bus stop.
She tells our hero that She is not telling all the truth about her love situation and that She is keeping a big load of secrets that can not be told by now.She even mentioned that She has to fake her behavior when she is with him, not showing in reality the way she feels about herself, she feels in a way guilty. Our hero ask her If She had faked in a bad way or good way,She told him not to get it wrong, she was saying to fake not about her feelings about him (She never said if she had feelings for him..:( ), it was more about her not about him.She says that the coffee was just a reminder that our hero is there.
She told him that someday She will be clear to him about her real situation with everything, and that she is not looking for a relationship for now and She is falling into one when is not really her priority.
What did He solve?
Did something really change?
Nothing at all
Do they agree on something new?
Nothing everything is the same.
Is he going to wait longer for her?
He has no clue about it.
How is He feeling?
Is he sad?
Is he understanding what is going on?
Nothing, Zero, ziltch , nada!!..

Have a great time!!
If you can understand something about it..please let me know because now I am just spechless!..JESUS ANTONIO


Sask 1 said...

Wow im not surprised your speechless.Now you dont know what the secrets are.If they are good or bad.It does sound like she has some issue in her life that she needs to work through.Not knowing Lupita i cant speculate on what it could be.
But usually when women throw out vague things like that they are usually involved with someone else,have strong feelings for someone else,pregnant or are thinking of leaving and dont want to get involved.Sorry nothing really got sorted for you.Enjoy your day.

antonio said...

Hey June!!
You only confirm my thoughts on the possibilities in her attitude, well the part that doesn`t match at all is why is She continue going out with me?.
I am fine now because I am checking that is not me, I am doing what I can, so I only hope Lupita understands and puts herself together as soon as possible, as I told her I can wait and be there but only IF she wants...and the funny part is that I do no want to be the rescuer of her problems...I mean i have enough with my own stuff...;)..Have a great day and continue having me and her in your prayers....JESUS ANTONIO

Ubod_ng_Lumpia said...

it is very confusing.. to me it seems that she wants to be sure of something.. what that is i dont know.. but she seems confused to me....

hope thing get better between you two ... kino :)

antonio said...

I really hope because I am really really confused, I do not want to run away but If that is what I have to do not to be more harmed I guess I will ahve to PART with :(..who knows!? I love the way she smiles!..hahah well!
Thanks for the cheering!!