Friday, March 25, 2005

Is The Rain....Miguel Barcelò

Miguel Barcelò Posted by Hello
This is another expo I saw in El Marco and it was by Miguel Barcelò that is a spaniard born in Malloarca in 1957.
His topics are Water,animals specially the bull, cheetah and the dog,The African folklore,tomato and Skulls of animals.
I saw different techniques like watercolor, and mixed tecnique in canvas or even bronzes.
The only technique I was amazed to see is his incredible Water work like marejadilla or Eplucher I or La grotte.
He is using a mixed media that has different relieves or plaster work that also creates the sensation of movement. I mean you gotta see his work, only to observe that technique was worthy the ticket, about his other work well I guess I was impressed of an Arena He painted using plaster and oil. Great work!!

About comic work from my side:
many things
I continue drawing the pages of Luchador!! I have been adding and adding new pages!! I am really having the time of my life drawing the story..did I tell you guys that Nik`s writing is AWESOME!!!???
I will start the final proposal for the comic in Spain (I already told you guys that :))
Well about the other two invitations (the two deadlines a good so do not interfere with my work with Nik and Spain, thing that makes me so happy!!)
For the Anthology with this nice girl and artist (She won`t write the story ) I will draw a 5 page story written by a pro writer who saw my work and liked it(I reserve his name but it will be good), it will be something ala Metropolis, so You can imagine I am really thrilled.
For the other cover, now is transformed into a 2 page cowboy story I will write and draw, and the nice guy will ink my work, He is good and will become with the years a nice nice artist, He also told me some pros (reserve the names but for what I read those are good incredible artist checking the final product)will edit the work so well what else can I ask!!?
ahh and some friends will try to see If I get another place like UK to open my well stay tuned..
Have a great time!!!...JESUS ANTONIO


Ubod_ng_Lumpia said...

sounds youll be getting exposure in the anthology... :) with the pros editing and all.. good luck.. --kino--

antonio said...

The funny thing is that I am glad I will reach a sector or people I might not in other circunstances!!.So i am really pleased as everything is turning..Thanks Kino...JESUS ANTONIO