Wednesday, March 02, 2005

Love for Dummies third delivery (or how to destroy your heart as soon as possible)

Love for Dummies: I have no clue!!

Recapitulation for the new reader.There is our main character Jesùs after dating the little Lupita for 5 months knowing She can not make her mind about accepting him or return to her old love (In this case the villian and rival of our hero.).
Twist. Our Hero offered not to ask Lupita out for a while till she can have time for herself and decide about her life not about her love life, according to a previous issue He prefers to see her happy doing what She wants and just stand by her side to help.

Page one of one: 1 panel.

Splash page showing our amazing friendly hero standing in a bus stop near downtown with a green plastic box containing a tupper full with pasta. Jesùs is wearing an old Adidas blue jacket and blue jeans.
Background: we see in the background an old bus with a lot of people inside and in one of the windows We see Lupita dressing in blue denim with a nice pattern top in blue, She is wearing her hair naturally what means widespread black curly hair. We can also see dozens of people waiting for the bus and a couple kissing gently.

Musical background:The bus driver is playing some Cumbias. (iiieeeekkkk!!! * editors note)

Caption: 8:45 pm Downtown.

Jesùs: Now I am definitely lost hahahaha!, I can not understand her really, yesterday I didn`t see her because She left early, because someone came for her ( I have to assume it was my archienemy again).
To be honest I was expecting that, I just thought some days ago just to roll over with the punches and not to be affected to what She does or says and today She tells me that She had something for me as something promised to me once.
We were talking some minutes ago about her hair and her hands She seems not to like her hands because are redish, I was telling her that I just love the color of her hands, and She complaint a little about my beared, so i guess tomorrow I will shave!!

Jesùs shows to the viewer the tupper and continues talking.

Jesùs:The gift.... A tupper full of pasta!!! telling me that She hopes Me and my family enjoys it!!
She told me her mother works in an italian restaurant and well What it really intrigues me is to really know If she is really interested in me or not, sometimes She shows She does and sometimes just the opposite...hahah funny how life plays its own mind games to me!!
I really need to go home and rest and not to think about it...and well to enjoy my pasta!.

Have a great day!!..JESUS ANTONIO

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