Tuesday, March 08, 2005

Love for Dummies 4th part (And old mexican saying)

Love for Dummies: The frog!!

Recapitulation for the new reader.There is our main character Jesùs after dating the little Lupita for 5 months knowing She can not make her mind about accepting him, start dating other guys or return to her old love (In this case the villian and rival of our hero.).Twist. Our Hero offered not to ask Lupita out for a while till she can have time for herself and decide about her life not about her love life, according to a previous issue He prefers to see her happy doing what She wants and just stand by her side to help.

Ohh well this time I wanted to write an old mexican joke and saying with a moral that might stablish what I have to remember in the future, I have to be honest I still feel silly by being in this kind of odd situation with Lupita, obviously again today She said something so lame that is not even worth to repeat.

The Frog
Once upon a time there was a little frog who really wanted to cross the road, after some minutes seeing cars pass by the frog decided to cross.
The frog was thinking in all the great things She might do as soon as it crosses the road.(swimming in the pond,eating flies, etc)
So self- absorbed it was in her thoughts while it was crossing that didn`t see one truck was about to ran over her.
In fact one of the tires smashed the frog dividing her in half , The frog so absorbed was, that didn`t realized the cruel fate that had happened to her, suddenly realizes something was missing turned her head and saw the back part of its body in the middle of the road.
Sad and desperate tried to reach that part of her body but didn`t see another car getting towards her, well suffice is to say the tire of the car smashed her head.

Moral: "Do not lose your head for an ASS"

Have a great time!!!...JESUS ANTONIO


Sask 1 said...

That was a good joke.
In regard to the other part,5 months is time enough for someone to make up their mind.Why not some reverse psycology.Like saying that the hero feels they will never capture their love so will have to start looking elsewhere.Thinking she might lose him might help her decide.But the hero must stay close by so as to not let the villian sway her head.

Ubod_ng_Lumpia said...

i agree... that maight work.. but be sure to make the hero's presence felt.... good luck -kino-
by the way.. that is a very useful moral :) good day :)

antonio said...

Hello June!! I will use the advice!! :)...The funny aprt is that it has been more difficult to find answers with lupita, so well I guess I will take the advice for entire, but I have to say that I tried it before..see in the archives (love for Dummies to see some odd situations with my fair lady) :)..thanks June

Kino haha thanks for the words!!...JESUS ANTONIO

I have another moral but that is for another story!! :)