Tuesday, March 01, 2005

In Nomine. Another Advance

IN NOMINE Posted by Hello

This project is written by Pedro L. Lopez a great friend and writer and I drew and inked the work.
This is also one of the pages that will be printed in the preview of Boom 2 In Spain!!
I will let you know when the magazine is available!!.....JESUS ANTONIO

The lamest note..hahahahahah again There were published some news about Poverty in my country and according to some criteria there is one poor child out of three children in my country, can you believe it....also now there are 340,000 new jobs but is nothing in comparison of the people in need this year to get a job the number 1,400,000. and the majority of those news jobs are for technicians of low profile workers....hahahah yes,really sad indeed!!...:( JESUS ANTONIO

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