Tuesday, March 22, 2005

What`s up Raza?

A very fast post to say hello from my vacation time!!
I am here in Monterrey and well the scope seems to be quite great!!

I just couldn`t sleep well trying to figure out and solve all the mess I was having about the situation with Lupita,haha seems that it is more simple that I thought I already know what I will do next Thursday (I will have a coffee with her,what she thinks is that I will try to get everything in a "yes" or " no", but She will be so wrong, after read and read what I have post all this time about her I know what I want to do.
My meditation is also helping me this time!!
Because I couldn`t sleep well, I only slept two hours so I was planning to sleep in the bus (the trip is about 10 hours from where I live).
I took the bus at 8:45 and I arrive there at 5:21 nice for me!!
I arrive to Monterrey I called my uncle and We bought some barbacoa to eat in the morning, later on that day I was climbing with my cousin (I was doing that kind of extreme sport where you have to cling into some fisure with your bare hands, and then by using an special equipment just to go dow using a rope, nice one specially thinking that was my first time, and I have also to add that the height was not that big, but considering I suffer Vertigo, I can totally think it was a success).
At night I went to a wedding (haha I got hammered, I never drink but I was feeling so good that I drank around 6 beers..or more..gosh!! I can not recall it!!...hahahah).
As usual my cousin was making fun of me and my sentimental life!!
I just can`t believe I watched Moulin Rougue (I even swear I would never watch it , but I did and I gotta say I learn something from that movie, in case you ask me If I would watch it again the answer is No way!! :)..funny experience but that is all!!

Have a great day!!

About comic work I received today a nice invitation to be part of an Anthology (around 4 to 6 pages)
with a really nice girl and artist I will let you guys know as soon as I have more info, it seems she wants to be the writer thing that really makes me happy.
I will also design a cover for a friend who wants to have something printed by Sep to show in a Wizard convention...so well it seems I am in track!!!....Have a great day again!!...JESUS ANTONIO


Ubod_ng_Lumpia said...

good luck to what you will do on thursday jesus...

you climbed a mountain with your bare hands? that is so cool.. ill probably scream and shout if that was me :) hehehehehe

youll be coing an anthology? can you post some pages when you are done ?

good day jesus:) --kino--

Sask 1 said...

Good luck to you for thusrday.
Knowing what to do and doing it is more difficult sometimes than we think.Often our heart tells us one thing and our head tells us something else.
good day to you June

antonio said...

Hey Kino!! yes, in fact I was climbing over the rocks, my first time ever..I learned that all the strength has to be in the hands and not in the legs!! I was about to quit but the funny part is that I was with 4 girls (ages 10 or 11 years tops) and they were doing it so easily so I told myself If those gals can why not me and voila!!
Good day to you Kino.
I will check more on the stuff to let you know and I will post the work for sure!!...JESUS ANTONIO

antonio said...

hey June..thanks i need all the luck as possible!! :) :)
I know what you mean ..I only hope to do what I need to do!! hahah
And great day to you, btw I had a gerat time reading all the wax experience of the girl of yours!! :)...JESUS ANTONIO