Friday, September 08, 2006

My Little Conspiracy XLII.

Another kind of news... Mr. Bob Mcleod is one of those amazing guys who besides being a great person it is an incredible teacher and He is interviewing a person I admire and respect as much as I do to Mr. Mcleod, who is the guy He is interviewing THE AMAZING KEVIN NOWLAN.
ROUGH STUFF #1 (Summer 2006, 116 pages) is now on sale from TwoMorrows Publishing! Spinning off from the pages of BACK ISSUE! magazine, it celebrates the ART of creating comics! Each issue spotlights NEVER-BEFORE PUBLISHED penciled pages, preliminary sketches, detailed layouts, and even unused inked versions from artists throughout comics history. The first issue features a who's who of Modern Masters including ALAN DAVIS, GEORGE PEREZ, KEVIN NOWLAN, JOSE LUIS GARCIA-LOPEZ, ARTHUR ADAMS, JOHN BYRNE, WALTER SIMONSON, and BRUCE TIMM! Included is commentary on the art, discussing what went right and wrong with it, and background information to put it all into historical perspective. Plus, before and after comparisons let you see firsthand how an image changes from initial concept to published version. So don't miss this amazing gallery of NEVER-BEFORE SEEN art, from some of your favorite series of all time, and the top pros in the industry! Edited by DC and Marvel inker BOB McLEOD.
Order at your local comics shop, or online here.

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