Thursday, September 28, 2006

Pow! Crash! Punch! V

I am really amazed with the result in the coloring version Dadicus made of the beautiful drawing done by Monsanto.
Great Batman Bloggerjam if you ask me!

Great Day!



DADICUS said...

I'm worried I colored this wrong? I'm happy you liked it but it feels wrong to me?

antonio said...

Not really I loved the palette of color you used!!
Chill out!! :)


monsanto said...

I agree, You did a great job coloring, if you made a different style with this one. It will not look right with the other entries. You've set the mood just right with all the first three artwoks.

Can't wait to see the other contributions to the blog JAM! :)

wondy woman said...

I agree too - it's amazing!