Sunday, September 17, 2006

Monography I. First Advance.

As I have said some days ago I am still working in my Monography and I am in just a third of the images (and not taking in consideration the details) that I am in need for the presentation. I hope by tomorrow have at least the second third to start working on my written presentation that will be on Wednesday afternoon to have my final grade and the permit to start the tramit paperwork, if I were not working this would be a piece of cake but as you have seen I have been really busy, so probably means that on Tuesday I won´t sleep at all working on my presentation and the images that will display the advance I have.
I am loading this time the Logo, Mural, Facades (original and the final one), and Furniture. I need to work on more details like some sculptures and more furniture design. I already solved the spacial place architectonically but I need to translate those designs into plans. Oh my God!!...many things to do!!
Have a great Day!


In case I disappeared is just because I am on this matter, and hoping to load new material and to finish on time.

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