Friday, September 01, 2006

Loving Times and Deathly Joy.

I just was in told about my new schedules and things to do over the month, as I was telling you guys I have been working my ass off to get some money to start a business and the great website a friend and great person will start in a couple of months, well so I am returning to work on Saturdays, plus I was offered some classes in the midday, so some money is coming my way. I was also in told that on day 15th I have my final presentation of the Architecture Workshop I attended to receive my final grade and get the permit to start all the paperwork, and the checks up of the Monography and close the circle. I have now 20% of the memory of this Monography but yesterday while going to a bookstore with my Architecture Teacher(I would be in that place for ages) I learned about the way to present my work, so that means I will be just busy as hell working in this final presentation, so If I dissapeared for some days just remember I am working on that.
So also knowing I will start loading here design work but more oriented to the Industrial Design and Architectonical spaces. I wanted to practice again and I am showing this result with Mascarita Sagrada. Yay!. I am taking this day to rest, so this weekend will be devoted to my Monography, hahah a friend of mine was scolding at me when I was telling her my timings (She wants to go out..but I guess this month won´t happen) because I have now oficially 4 jobs aside my studies...
Tuesday is Luchas Day!! yay!!!!

Great Day!!


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