Tuesday, September 12, 2006

Vitriols Observing Pale Colors of Doom

So many things have happened over the days, as you can see I am showing off my new pair of glasses, funny but I am quite happy with the line of them, also as you might notice I am a bit thinner after 5 weeks of a nutriologist given diet, now I am just taking 2 more weeks and after that I will start working out as I used to do in the past, you can also see I am a bit fossie :). I am still amused why I never laugh or smile at my own photos!!! :).
Second pic is just the mask I bought last time I went to Las Luchas and Yes! You are right the mask is from Mistico and it is signed too!! :). I had such a great time that day, because of the good fights over and next Tuesday will be also Awesome!!!. I am still amused why I got involved into Luchas and one of the reasons is My amigo Nik Havert! Thanks a lot!!! I have also bought one for him and one for Victor Alos, as soon as I get some money I will start sending masks!! :)

The last two pics is my experiment: Do you remember I order two prototypes? mainly to know how this producer works and I was really pleased with the result, in case you ask me by November I will have a set of images for sale in T-shirts with original work from me and some friends I am starting to reach, besides that I will start working on some Serigraphy designs using Shields and some ideas that are over my head as We speak. In case people is interested let me know. In the profile is the way to get in contact to me!. I am trying to move the plans solidly and firmly.
Tomorrow I have our first meeting to start having plans, schedules and ways to work.

Have a great day!!



Anonymous said...

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antonio said...

I do not understand too well what you wrote but thanks for writing here!!Thanks.


wondy woman said...

Jesus, you look great!

antonio said...

Wondy, it is because you see me with kind eyes!! ahahahaha Thank you!

The Old Lady said...

Love the glasses you look great.
I was going to tease you and say you looked better with the mask on .But then i thought better of it.


antonio said...

HAHAHAHAH You know I agree I look better with the mask!!!