Sunday, September 10, 2006

On The Edge Of That Scary Dark Fairie Tale.

Damn! I guess my organism couldn´t resist all the schedule and yesterday I collapsed, nothing serious I have to say but enough to be in halth for some days, well after all the bunch of classes I have been giving recently my voice was a bit hurt but after a rain storm my voice started to be in bad shape and yesterday I started to have that hard sore throat and since yesterday night I am just voiceless...hahahahaha!. That was nothing compared to my dumbness I was looking for my glasses yesterday morning to get ready to work and what it was my suprise that my glasses were just smashed and broken just an stupid accident and all my fault, so now I am without glasses and I feel like a mole..hahahahaha! So that means I can not advance a lot in my Monography not at least till Wednesday when I get my new pair of glasses that of course I have to order first time in the morning of Monday, and the presentation is on Friday, I hope my teacher helps me. hahahahahahah!!!
And that is also the reason I couldn´t finish my political cartoon till today, and just as the cherry at the top of the cake, I was home sleeping after a mild fever phase I got. Did I say I saw yeterday You Know who?...hahahahah!. Well Shit happens the good thing is that I was told today in the morning that I will get an increment in one of my jobs at least an increment for 1 month, and I loved that because that is the money for my glasses.

Great Day!!

ps:Heather thank you for the wishes and thanks for dropping by!! Become a regular!!



wondy woman said...

Jesus, my darling, what a terrible day for you - please please if you can crawl into bed and have a long sleep, it cures almost everything.

I hope it all gets better for you, but take this as a small sign and slow. down!

Love Wondy (in sensible mode) x x

The Old Lady said...

Sorry about your glasses.
Some salty water to gargle for your throat and some warm drinks.
Get better soon

Heather said...

I'm sad for your bad day, but look! It's me! Right there in your post! I am feeling very special now!